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Samson M.

SamsonID number: SPC-SM-2021
From: Tarime
Birthyear: 2014

Samson was left at a bus terminal in Mwanza when he was 2 years. Samson needs a lot of help with basic English and writing skills, particularly reading and recognizing the alphabet. He is easily distracted in class, but is very good at math. Samson is a good kid, he loves to play sport.

Janeth J.

JanethID number: SPC-JJ-2021
From: Sirari (Mara)
Birthyear: 2010

Janeth has a sister called Happy, their mother has been sent to prison for killing their father in self-defense.

Janeth is very charming, helpful, and likes to speak English. She enjoy reading and is quite good at it, but her writing skill needs some attention.

Tabitha M.

TabithaID number: SPC-TM-2021
From: Sengerema (Mwanza)
Birthyear: 2009

Both parents abandoned her alone. Her neighbors brought her to Watoto wa Africa though social workers.

Tabitha is a bundle of energy and will often ask certain things in English. Her education level is Memkwa which is primary.

Sarita G.

SaritaID number: SPC-SG-2021
From: Chitwan, Nepal
Grade: 7
School’s name:Devjyoti Basic School
Number of family members:  Parents and 4 children

13 year old Sarita is studying in grade 7. After almost 8 months school has started and she is now back to school. Her favorite subject is English because she loves learning new languages.
She really wants to have higher education and she believes that with good opportunity of education will provide good job in her future and she will be able to help her family.
Including herself there are 7 members in the family. After having to leave their permanent resident, they moved to Chitwan in search of better life as many others do. They do not own any land and living in rented house and they also rent the land for farming. They grow crops and vegetables and sell. This is the only source of income in the family. Her elder brother got married and has one daughter who still lives with them. It’s very hard for her parents to take care of all family members with good life style.
They live in a rented house which has only three rooms. They have a small toilet outside the house. Like most of the people around there they also do not have refrigerator which would be very useful especially during hot season. They even do not have fans for getting cool air when they feel extreme hot during the summer.

Purnima G.

PoornimaID number: SPC-PG-2021
From: Chitwan, Nepal
Grade: 7
School’s name:Devjyoti Basic School
Number of family members:  Parents and 5 children

Purnima is 13 year old student in Devnagar School. She is one of the good students in her school. She loves to know everything about her country, Nepal, and that is why she says her favorite subject to study one, is Nepal! Along with her study she loves playing volleyball with her friends at school. She aims to become a social worker in future.
Her family moved to Chitwan, where they are now living for so many years . The family moved here in search of better education and opportunity for the children. Her father works in gulf country to pay for family’s expenditures. In addition to herself, there are 6 other family members who live in a small house. They live together and it’s very difficult for her father and mother, who is a house wife and a farmer, hoping to give them good education, good food and shelter. She has 5 siblings including herself, and that’s why it’s very challenging for her parents to take care of their needs, basic sufficient foods, clothing and education.
They do not own any land here so they have rented farm and grow crops like rice, corns and it helps them to an extent to feed everyone in the family.
They have only one toilet outside the house! For drinking water they have hand pump. Like many, this family also does not have fan, refrigerators, any electric device like TVs, computers.

Samjhana N.

ID number: SPC-SN-2002
From: Chitwan, Nepal
Grade: 6
School’s name: Shree Basic School, Sharanpur
Number of family members:  7 (with grandparents)
Samjhana’s father drives the tractor. Her father has two wives. She is the child from the first wife. Her mother and her step mother both are housewives but they help their family by working in the field and earcn some money through it in the free time. Driving and the agricultural and farming are the main earning occupation in the family.

Kangana P.

Kangna PariyarID number: SPC-KP-2004
From: Chitwan, Nepal
Grade: 7
School’s name: Devjyoti Basic School, Devnagar, Chitwan
Number of family members:
Kangna is one of the good students in her class. She loves schools. During our home visit, she was having her one moth-long summer vacation where she was frustrated being at home and she was wishing to open her school soon.
Her father is an ordinary mechanic who works in motor garage as a mechanic. Kangna is an eldest child in her family and she has her young brother in the family.

Rasmina K.

Rasmina KushwahID number: SPC-RK-2005
From: Chitwan, Nepal
Grade: 3
School’s name: Devjyoti Basic School, Devnagar, Chitwan
Number of family members:  4
Rasmina’s dad left them after her mother gave birth to her younger brother. Her father is a citizen of India so they believe that he would be in India and got another marriage. No one knows about him in her family. Rasmina, her mother and her brother are living in their paternal grandparent’s house for years now. The family is big with grandparents, her own family, and family of her uncles.
Her mother has little shop which sells the junk foods like biscuits, noodles, dry foods, bottle juice and other small goods. It has really a least income and it is not enough for the family at all.
Rasmina has keen to learn from school. She loves going school. Even though the circumstances are not good for them still her mother is so supportive towards her daughter’s education. It is remarkable and notable.

Chanda G.

GhandaID number: SPC-CG-2011
From: Jhanjhane, Sharanpur, Chitwan
Year of birth: N/A
Grade: 4
School’s name: Shree Basic School, Sharanpur
Number of family members: 3+3= 6
Chanda lives with her maternal grandparent. Her grandparents have a small agricultural farm. Her parents live in another village. Her parents do not have a good job that can afford her education, so her grandparents decided to take that responsibility to take care of her education and other expenses. Now that they are getting older still cannot do the hard available physical work, and that has an adverse impact on their productivity and earnings. Chanda is one of the brilliant students in her class. And she has a dream to complete her higher education in the future. Her parent and brother are living with another family.

Sabina T.

SabinaID number: SPC-ST-2005
From: Jhanjhane, Sharanpur, Chitwan

Year of birth: N/A
Grade: 7
School’s name: Shree Basic School, Sharanpur
Number of family members: 6

Sabina has three siblings and her parents. Her both parents are ordinary farmers. They do not have their own land or house so they rent a field and grow crops for the family. In off-seasons both parents work and they get in the village and far away from the town. She just completed her 5th year with good grades. She is one of the best students in her school.

Ganga P.

Ganga PariyarID number: SPC-GP-2010
From: Devnagar, Chitwan, Nepal

Year of birth: N/A
Grade: 4
Number of family members: 6
Ganga’s father has been imprisoned for many years.  Her mother is the only person who is taking care of everything for the family. They moved from Butwal, west Nepal and started to live in Chitwan for some years.
Ganga has 3 other siblings including her older brother and older sister and her twin sister. They do not own any land or any property. Working in other’s field and earn on daily basis as wages is the only income source in the family.
Nobody in the family including her mother knows how long her father is going to be in prison.

Preeti B.


ID number: SPC-PB-2021
From: Chitwan, Nepal
Grade: 4
School’s name: Devjyoti Basic School
Number of family members: 2 (parents) and 3 children

The 8 year old Preeti is very charming and joyful child in her family. Like many of Nepalese students she also did not get to go school in past 8 months. Now school has just started to give live classes. With the use of masks and sanitizers they have been able to take classes now. She loves English subject in school because it has stories in it. She loves being in school to learn new things.

She is living with her parents and her brothers now. Her mother works hard with a very low earning, just to keep family going. Her father is a mechanic who works in motor cycle workshop. Despite that her parents work really hard, but what they earn hardly is enough to bring sufficient food home, and  obviously not enough to have a safe shelter.

They do not own any land or house in Chitwan and so are residing in the governmental land which can be taken back by government in any time. For that, the family are always worry of becoming homeless.

There are no fans, refrigerator, and no laptops, or even a TV in their living shelter. The pandemic made their life more vulnerable this year. Because of the pandemic her mother could not go for work, her father’s workshop also remained closed for many months so it made their situation more vulnerable.

Just a few weeks go, the parents have started to go back to work.

Junior James

Junior JamesID number: SPC-JJ-2021
From: Arusha (Tanzania)

Both of his parents are deceased General Info: Junior is an all round good kid. He loves to interact, play and is eager to learn . He needs lots of practice with reading and spoken English.


Mariyam M.

ID number: SPC-MM-2003
From: Chitwan, Nepal
Grade: 4
School’s name: Shree Basic School, Sharanpur
Number of family members:  6
Mariyam is a girl residing in Nepal with her mother and siblings in Chitwan. She lost her father 3 years ago and now her mother is rearing her children including another youngest girl child. Her mother is an ordinary woman, works in field and earns some money as wages and managing the expenses of the family. Her family is being kind of isolated because of their religious background, despite that, Mariyam is a very good student and keen to learn something new, everyday.

Gurung D.

DurgaID number: SPC-DG-2021
From: Chitwan, Nepal
Grade: 4
School’s name: Sharanpur Basic School
Number of family members:  Two brothers and Mother

Gurung is 10 year old charming and fun loving child from Chitwan. This year she has been promoted to grade 4. She lives with her mother and two brothers, younger than her. Her favorite subject in school is English, and she loves learning this language. Her father left them many years back. They do not even know where he lives now!
Beside studying, she helps her mother at home by cooking and cleaning the house. Her mother works as junior assistant in a factory. She has to work hard to makes some money for the entire family members. Hardly her mother can afford for the food and school expenses of her and her two younger brothers.
Her family lives in one of the flood disaster prone areas in Chitwan. They have a very small one room house where they even do not have a safe and strong door. They only have one wooden bed where she and her youngest brother sleep. She and another brother sleep on the floor on
mat every night. They do not have even an electric fan during the hot season. It turns up and higher than 40 degree Celsius during summer, a temperature that makes the living even harder for them. They only have few kitchen utensils to cook and eat, and have no refrigerator and other essential kitchen’s items. Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, she could not go to school almost for 8 months, but now the school has just started she is attending live the classes.

Urmila C.

UrmilaID number: SPC-UC-2010
From: Jhanjhane, Sharanpur, Chitwan

Year of birth: N/A
Grade: 3
School’s name: Devjyoti Basic School
Number of family members: 7

She is originally from Karsara, Chitwan, one of the remote villages in districts. Her parents sent her to her aunt’s family who lives in Devnagar, Chitwan close by the school where she studies. Her aunt’s family is also poor. They have a big family; they do not own any lands or house but they have a small rental house and do some agricultural farming to meet the family’s needs. 

Her aunt has the responsibility to take care of Urmila additionally after her own children.  Urmila is one of the best students in her class. She always takes a 1st position in her class and she is eager to learn more.

Nelson J.


ID number: SPC-NJ-2021
From: Sirari (Mara)
Birthyear: 2010

Nelson was living with his grandmother but he was unable to care for him. His parents are deceased because of HIV.

Nelson is suffering of Macrocephaly, but he is ahead of his class. He knows numbers and alphabet. He education lever is Standart 3 which is primary school.

His education level is Memkwa which is primary.

Mina N.

ID number: SPC-MN-2001
From: Chitwan, Nepal
Grade: 5
School’s name: Shree Basic School, Sharanpur
Number of family members:  Two older brothers and herself.
Mina is one of the very good students in her class. At the age of 10, she lost her father. The big tree fell down and hit his back. After some months her mother decided to leave this young child and got re-married. Since her mother left them alone, Mina and her brothers, suffered a lot. Two months ago from the date of this home visit, her brothers left her alone in the house, and she was sent to her uncle’s house where she is not accepted as a family member.
She has really vulnerable situation where she cannot find a place to go and share her emotions and feelings. She wants to complete her study but sometimes feel hopeless and helpless.
Hira Sunar, her neighbor is the one who is taking initiative for her and trying to connect her with the organization to support Mina either by providing education or providing shelter.

Mohamed M.

MohamadID number: SPC-MM-2021
From: Mwanza (Igoma)
Birthyear: 2014

Mohamad was often seen unaccompanied around the volunteer house. It was discovered that he was left alone by his mother who only returned for one day every month.

Mohamed struggles with English but tries very hard. He is extremely sweet with other children’s. Unfortunately, he lacks self-confidence. His education level is nursery.


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