Our Vision

  • Education is a very powerful means to improve children’s quality of life. Not only does it provide them with the right mindset to nurture their career, but also it keeps them at school with a community that is tailored to their character; age-wise and with a common goal. It keeps them off the streets preventing them from getting abused or getting involved in illegal activities.


  • We believe no child is guilty of the adverse condition that he/she is living in. But it is us, the grown-up ones, who are responsible for their conditions, one way or another.


  • Our main focus is to help them get a proper education as a means to reach their maximum potential. When it comes to helping out, we do not consider any discrimination such as race, gender, or the country they live in. We help them without any boundaries. However, getting a proper education is not possible without peace of mind about one’s other vital needs. The need for food, clothing, and housing is also as equally (if not more) important as education. We are surely aware of those needs and extend our support to address those needs as well. This will definitely play a significant role in children’s education and leads to more sustainable growth for them.


  • We invite and welcome more people to join us and become a member of our foundation or an active volunteer. We are very keen to share and utilize your ideas for continuous improvement towards the charity goals.