Two Memorandum Of Understandings (MOU) Were Successfully Signed Off

Lately, we successfully signed off two MOUs with two well-thought-of charity foundations, as partners to expand the spectrum of our global reach.

We have already started our mutual assistance with our new partners, by sponsoring 3 of their proposed vulnerable children, since June 2020.

Here is a concise introduction to these two foundations:

1. IOC – International Orphan Care

Laguna Hills, California, USA 92654



IOC, founded in 1993 and headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, International Orphan Care (IOC) is a non-religious, non-political and non-sectarian humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives of Afghan orphans. Through your donations, IOC can help feed, educate, and better their lives.

IOC’s  goal is to enable and empower them so they reach their goals and live fulfilling lives.

IOC provides education and global welfare to orphans around the world. They train their volunteers to raise funds through donor support, while collaborating with other humanitarian organizations that also provide orphans’ food, shelter, education and healthcare.

2. ENG – Empower Nepali Girls

Empower Nepali Girls ,WALNUT, California, 91789 USA ;



ENG’s mission is to empower and support neglected, marginalized, and at-risk girls and young women in Nepal, especially those who are at greatest risk to be forced into early marriage, sold into sex slavery, or abandoned as orphans. ENG provides scholarships, mentoring, career guidance, and subsistence for children who would not have the opportunity to attend school and pursue future careers in medicine, engineering, business, teaching, and other professions.
Originally established as the Madhav Ghimire Foundation in 2001, and later transformed into Empower Nepali Girls in 2010, ENG organization was created to raise funds from individuals and organizations to assist and mentor girls with the greatest potential to transform their communities and country. Girls are selected based on financial need, as well as academic potential and performance. Home and school visits are conducted several times each year by our staff in Nepal who carefully monitor the progress and welfare of the children.

ENG is currently supporting over 280 children in dozens of different villages around the country.

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