World Orphanage Foundation (WOF, one of SACIF’s partners), upcoming Gala, November 7th 2021

World Orphanage Foundation, Unity Movement Through Humanity

Up Coming event
Hope Media Event will be held on November 7, 2021 at the Beverly Hilton Historic LA hotel (those who can not be present in person, may watch the event thru zoom, as we are going to stream it live too)
Hope Media Event Bridging Afghanistan with World!
GALA Dedicated to help the people of Afghanistan
Purchase Ticket help us support Afghan refugees!
Your donation can change a life, a future, and destiny of a kid!
Be a reason for a smile!
WOF goal is to built a future where kids can have a life to always smile!
The organization holds fundraising events annually to benefit the underprivileged. As of today, the organization has a track record of helping over 100,000 families in Afghanistan, India, Africa, and the United States of America. In addition to creating job opportunities, building water wells, helping with education, and distributing food packages to vulnerable families, this organization is currently building a boarding school for Afghan orphans.
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